In recent news, the supreme fighting championship organization was sold for $4 billion. This organization has gotten the world by storm, especially in the past 20 years when it was acquired for $2 million, refined for public consumption and giving more mainstream appeal and attention. One of the more attractive features concerning this organization and mixed martial arts overall is there are many different fighting styles used throughout competition. In order for competitors to have a possibility of winning, they should be a minimum of somewhat well-rounded in numerous disciplines. The previous boxing adage asserts that styles make fights, so imagine the various mixtures of styles obtainable in the mixed martial arts world. With this in mind, think about these four popular fighting styles below so as to understand more about the best way to apply martial arts for your life or self-defense classes, self-esteem and personal development purposes.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsumethods-of-self-defense

This is the most favored martial art these days as it is offered to people of any age, sizes, sexes and body types. It gives you people with the opportunity use themselves type to produce advantages in a very skill-based way. It revolves around grappling on the ground and standing up, together with the emphasis being on the ground game. This martial art stemmed from judo and was born in Japan before it was actually refined, perfected and expanded by Brazilians then brought to Milwaukee, WI.


It is a formal martial art that bases its philosophies around the act of with your opponents momentum against them. You will be able to accomplish this by learning throws and grapples which can be utilized by anybody. While juijitsu focuses mostly on ground techniques, judo is usually operate with many concentrate on ground fighting.


This martial art, referred to as the sweet science is refined for a lot of centuries and then in many different countries. It is among the most reliable martial arts because of this. It calls for fighting with the hands only, the ruling various punches and combinations along with your fists that will protect yourself and incapacitate your opponent. You will be able to learn various strikes to the head and body which may be devastating and protect you.

Muay Thai

This martial art involves strikes together with the fists, elbows, forearms, feet, knees along with other parts of the body as a way to incapacitate your opponent. When used in combination with a grappling martial art, you will end up an extremely skilled fighter who was able to disable attackers on the ground and standing up. It uses the philosophy of boxing as well as kickboxing and also other strikes in order to disable opponents with various weapons in Wisconsin.

As we discussed, these are one of the most favored fighting styles on the planet. If you want to become a martial artist and would like to work out which fighting styles is definitely the very useful and useful to you, begin by exploring these four.

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